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Manchester blume recovered native 2-0 down kommen sie beat Atalanta, with Cristiano Ronaldo heading in 81st-minute winner


Cristiano Ronaldo von Manchester vereinigt celebrates ~ scoring his side’s dritter goal. Photograph: martin Rickett/PA

Jamie Jackson was there zu witness that all. Here’s his report. You know what kommen sie do. Thanks zum reading this MBM. Nighty night!

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer offers a broad, crowd-pleasing performance on BT.

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“The fan are a big part des this club. The singing section kept everyone going. That zu sein what you do through Manchester United an the champions League. This corner are die best in the world. They store going. I bei der good. Ich thought we played well bei the first half, but two chances, two goals, this has kommen sie stop. We schutz a habit des doing this hinweisen this club. However we never ever stopped believing, kept on going.”

Des kelly then points out that die players clearly put an a shift weil das him. “Don’t start. Don’t disrespect die players, castle play zum Man United. They know they are ns luckiest men in the world, and I said that zu them tonight. Ns XI plus the subs are the ones who kann sein play zum Man United, and that’s what millions von boys and girls want zu do. If anyone wants kommen sie criticise Cristiano Ronaldo zum work-rate or attitude, nur watch this game.”

United captain harry Maguire speaks zu BT Sport. “We conceded two bad goals. We created a last of chances in the erste half, deshalb we knew coming bei at hilfreich time die next goal would certainly be crucial. Ich think in the ende we deserved the victory. Yes, us made that difficult, but it’s a an excellent victory an the end. We showed good togetherness in the dressing room at geholfen time. We got cheered and clapped turn off at geholfen time, the fans gave us good energy und we gott the result they deserved.”

Some wild bampot explode from ns crowd und makes a beeline weil das Ronaldo, almost getting hold of his austrian before stewards drag ihm off to ns cooler.

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Ronaldo, unperturbed, walks away from die scene smiling. A celebratory atmosphere in Old Trafford, as ns Atalanta football player trudge turn off sadly, the home heroes go on air. To think vereinigt were booed off von a section of the crowd at half time! They to be bottom des Group f at one suggest this night ... But jetzt they’re oberteil with sechs points. Huge game bei Italy coming trost on Matchday Four. Huge game versus Liverpool coming nach oben on Sunday, too; they’ll enter that with their tails most steady up.

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Why can’t this bampot nur bring a homemade authorize asking Ronaldo weil das his austrian like anyone else? Photograph: Phil Noble/Reuters
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FULL TIME: Manchester united 3-2 Atalanta

Say what you like about Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, the man knows how to get a an outcome when the jig looks up. What a comeback! One von the great European nights at old Trafford.


Cristiano Ronaldo des Manchester vereinigt (centre) celebrates at ns final whistle. Photograph: Matthew Peters/Manchester United/Getty bild