Brexit deal theresa may

Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit deal has been rejected über 230 votes - the largest defeat weil das a sit government bei history.

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MPs voted von 432 votes to 202 zu reject ns deal, which set out the terms von Britain's departure from the europäische union on 29 March.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has now tabled a vote of no confidence an the government, i m sorry could cause a general election.

The defeat zu sein a large blow for Mrs May, who has spent an ext than two years hammering out a deal with die EU.

The plan was aimed at bringing about an orderly leave from the europäische union on 29 March, und setting nach oben a 21-month shift period zu negotiate a cost-free trade deal.

The vote was originally due zu take place an December, however Mrs might delayed it zu try und win die support of more MPs.

The UK is still on prozess to leave on 29 march but die defeat throws the manner des that exit - and the timing von it - into additional doubt.

MPs who desire either a additional referendum, a softer version of the Brexit proposed by Mrs May, to stop Brexit altogether or kommen sie leave there is no a deal, möchte ramp nach oben their efforts kommen sie get what they want, together a weakened pm offered to aufführen to their arguments.

History was made this evening with die scale von this loss - a higher figure than ns wildest of numbers the were gossiped about before the vote.

She has actually no bulk of herstellung own in Parliament kommen sie make produziert middle way through stick. Und her numerous critics don't agree on ns direction she have to take - a an ext dramatic rest with the EU, or a tighter, softer version.

Those 2 fundamental und clashing positions have always threatened to pull her und the government apart.

Some 118 Conservative MPs - native both die Leave und Remain wing of produziert party - voted through the opposition parties versus Mrs May's deal.

And three work MPs supported ns prime minister's deal: ian Austin (Dudley North), kevin Barron (Rother Valley) and John mann (Bassetlaw).

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The most controversial sticking suggest was die issue von the Northern irisch backstop - ns fallback plan kommen sie avoid any kind of return to physical border checks bolzen the country und Ireland.

Mrs May had actually hoped neu assurances from eu leaders this week, saying die backstop would be temporary and, if triggered, would certainly last zum "the shortest possible period", would help her garmer more support.

But an the dispute leading up to ns vote, members from all sides des the home said the move did notfall go far enough.

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In normalerweise times, such a crushing defeat on a an essential piece of government legislation would be expected to be followed über a ureigensten ministerial resignation.

She available cross-party talks to determine a method forward on Brexit, if she succeeded an winning die confidence vote.

Former foreign secretary and leading Brexiteer boris Johnson stated it was a "bigger defeat 보다 people oase been expecting" - and it meant Mrs May's deal was jetzt "dead".

But he said it gave die prime minister a "massive mandate to go zurück to Brussels" to negotiate a much better deal, without ns controversial Northern irland backstop.


Labour mp Chuka Umunna said that if his leader did not secure a basic election, herr Corbyn must do what ns "overwhelming majority" of Labour members want und get behind a further europäische union referendum.

Lib zum leader sir Vince Cable, who also wants a 2nd referendum, claimed Mrs May's defeat was "the beginning von the end of Brexit" - yet conceded the campaigners would not get one without großvater Corbyn's backing.

Scotland's erste Minister nicola Sturgeon stated Mrs May had actually suffered "a defeat des historic proportions" and called again zum the write-up 50 "clock zu be stopped" in order for another referendum to take place.

"We schutz reached ns point now where it would be unconscionable to kick the kann sein any further down the road," she said.

However, government minister Rory Stewart claimed there was no majority in the Commons weil das any Brexit plan, including another referendum.

Under the Fixed term Parliaments act 2011, UK basic elections are only supposed zu happen every 5 years. Die next one zu sein due an 2022.

But a vote von no confidence lets MPs decision on even if it is they want the government to continue. Ns motion need to be worded: "That this House has no confidence in Her Majesty's Government."

If throughout that time die current government, or any type of other alternate government cannot victory a new vote of confidence, then in early basic election would certainly be called.

MPs space set zu debate Labour's no trust motion for about sechs hours following element Minister's Questions punkt 1200.

Mr Corbyn claimed it would certainly allow the House of Commons kommen sie "give its verdict on die sheer incompetence of this government".

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But DUP leader Arlene pflegen said her party, i beg your pardon keeps grandm May bei power, would certainly be sustaining her bei Wednesday's to trust vote.

She said the MPs had actually "acted an the ideal interests des the entire united Kingdom" von voting down the deal.