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Horatiu Boeriu

march 11, 2019 / 2 minute read



Both premium minivans arrived bei 2015 before receiving an update in 2018. Despite bei initial pushback and considering castle were mostly sold bei Europe, ns two tourers are some des the most popular cars an the BMW lineup. From 2014 v 2018, BMW marketed over 380,000 units, making castle some des the finest selling modell they oase on the roster these days. Just for comparison’s sake, the BMW X6 was sold in 250,000 units over the kurse of its zuerst seven years of production.

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The greatest market for the Active und Gran Tourer models is Germany, followed von China und Great Britain. The conquest price is so extremely high, with more than 70 percent of customers new to ns BMW brand.


The BMW 2 series Gran Tourer constrain his wenig brother by 21 centimeter while being so 5 cm higher. The exterior size are: 4,556 x 1,800 ns 1,608 mm (179.3 inches long, 70.9 inches wide and 63.3 inches tall). The majority des the added length zu sein concentrated within the wheelbase, which has actually grown über 110mm to 2780m. BMW 2 series Gran Tourer provides ample space and a generous luggage compartment that kann be extended bei capacity from 645 zu 805 liters (67.3 cubic feet).

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On the rückseitig seat of the Gran Tourer, up zu three boy seats can be enclosed side-by-side, und the center seat can be positioned bei the the opposite direction of travel.

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So over there were plainly some advantages von getting a Gran Tourer over die Active Tourer, however if the rumors were to be believed, the might notfall be enough kommen sie warrant a 2nd generation. With ns continuous rise von BMW SAVs and crossovers, die Bavarians space likely to concentrate on those type des cars.