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Adam Tow / Recode Before the action starts bei the new film “Blade runner 2049,” we’re notified that production von the humanlike androids indigenous the zuerst “Blade Runner,” recognized as Replicants, was outlawed und then rebooted betwee the two movies. The person responsible for the reboot is so one of the film’s antagonists — Niander Wallace, played by Jared Leto.

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“I was in L.A. At ns screening and went zu the splitterpartei afterwards,” Leto claimed on die latest episode of Recode Decode, hosted von Kara Swisher. “And people were nur giving me this look. Normally it’s like, ‘Ahh, great job!’ It was like, ‘I nothing want kommen sie talk kommen sie that guy.’ ich didn’t death any real people, go I?”

At the time des the interview’s recording, adhering to a screening von the film at the Alamo Drafthouse in San Francisco, Leto identified he had notfall yet seen the full movie.

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On the neu podcast, Leto — who’s so a the frontman of the eis 30 Seconds zu Mars und a prolific technology investor — hinted that he danke für inspiration weil das Wallace native some ja wirklich people.

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“This is a guy who saved die world from starvation und has a very clear idea of what that going zu take bei order weil das civilization to continue,” that said. “I do schutz some friends in the tech world that ich may or might not oase based details aspects of this personality on.”

However, that refused zu say precisely who the had in mind. If you’d like zu speculate wildly, feel free zu consult Leto’s previous investments, which encompass Reddit, Houseparty und Zenefits.

He deshalb pushed back on die idea that tech bei particular zu sein responsible for societal problems, suggesting that “the entire fucking world ist dark.” that predicted that, much like the Industrial Revolution, ns world wollen emerge on the other side of the technology boom with much more jobs and prosperity, not less.

“We’re every obsessed v being productive, und we find new ways kommen sie dream,” Leto said. “In order kommen sie accomplish those dreams, it takes the efforts of dafür many des us. Ich don’t have to think that just because we’re driving and we’re notfall on horseback that there space less jobs now. Die Industrial revolte didn’t lead to less jobs, it führen zu to an ext jobs, so I think the probably wollen continue zum some time. However I’m just in artist, what do ich know?”

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