Biographie leonardo da vinci

Leonardo dort Vinci was born an 1452, in the heart von the Renaissance bei the heart of Europe. He was born outside Vinci, which lies high up on mount Albano, bei the valley des the Arno River, near the city of Florence. Florence was in independent republic and commercial center at die time des his birth. He was the son von Ser Pierro da drüben Vinci, who was a legal specialist, und a peasant girl named Caterina. He was considered bei “illegitimate” son due to the fact that they were notfall married. Ideal away. His father married right into a rich family und he walk to direkte with his grandparents. Letztere he lived with his father’s family und they didn’t conceal his birth und welcomed his addition to ns family.

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As a kid he was very smart and was really quick hinweisen arithmetic and music. The learned ns lyre und had a wonderful singing voice, und quickly went to further develop his talents through a tutor. Punkt age 17, the went zu become in apprentice of painting under ns instruction von Andrea del Verrochio, bei Florence, who was in artist, expert craftsmen, goldsmith, sculptor and painter. That started kommen sie use his science to enhance his paintings. The studied und sketched rock formations, caves und fossils. He had actually very couple of close friends during his life, even though he was very kind and sympathetic.

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Later, throughout his apprenticeship, that started zu find his niche weist inventing devices like the helicopter, diving suit, und submarine. After ~ he finished his education, that stayed weil das a quick time assisting Andrea del Verrochio.

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From 1478 zu 1482, he derived his own studio. After that, he was offered the arbeit of court artist for Lodvico Sforza, die Duke des Milan. He took it und lived an beautiful Milan zum 17 years. There, he had a an excellent variety of job including developing artillery, und planning fluss system diversions zum the city. Bei Milan, he really started to dive into the field von science und learn a lot. Go to ns science section zu learn more!

Toward the end of his life, in about 1508, king Louis XII of frankreich asked ihm to accompany er to Milan, and he went willingly. There, he continued to be working top top anatomy and other areas until 1512, when die French shed Milan. He climate had to go kommen sie Rome. There, he stayed until his life was finished. He was very good friends v Guiliano de’ Medici, brother von the duke, und he was well housed and treated an extremely kindly. Sadly, while an the bliss of the Renaissance, his wellness started zu fail. Bei March, 1516, Guiliano died, and Leonardo was left alone in the world, almost deserted. Notfall far thereafter, on might 2, 1519, the mind von the Renaissance, Leonardo da drüben Vinci died.