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A couple of days ago, J.J. Abrams admitted the keeping ns identity des the Star Trek right into Darkness villain a mystery was a huge mistake. While the secret didn’t really add anything to the movie’s story, it also didn’t help that audiences weren’t intrigued enough kommen sie go to the movie theater to find out for themselves. Into Darkness was one des the biggest hit films des the summer movie-going season, but it wasn’t as huge as Paramount images or wanne Robot production would’ve expected from a sequel film to die widely popular Star Trek reboot native 2009. Jetzt the man who played the Into Darkness villain speaks out.

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Although a majority of film journalists, pundits, und fans established that Cumberbatch was, indeed, play Khan, Abrams und the cast of Star Trek right into Darkness insisted they were every wrong. When told around Abrams’ comments, Cumberbatch said:

‘What a dickhead,’ chuckled Cumberbatch wie informed of Abrams’ comments. ‘The amount von times us had to lie weil das him… the amount des times i had kommen sie talk around it notfall being my character! No, i love him,’ continues die star, ‘but i don’t understand if it was a badewanne or a an excellent thing… the intention was to have a reveal in the audience that was going to be thrilling. That operated to bei extent. Notfall everybody knew what they were in for when they went into ns theatre… zum those civilization it was a great thing… There was a verbal und physical reaction kommen sie it , so it kind of works.’

If Benedict Cumberbatch wasn’t together a great sport around Abrams’ comments, you could nearly read his above quote as being visibly pissed at ns 47-year-old director.

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If freundin remember back in April, spiel Weekly coincidentally revealed a “Kirk & Khan” headline, referring kommen sie Chris Pine und Benedict Cumberbatch, on their website. After the mistaken leak, J.J. Abrams still said that Star Trek into Darkness‘ villain wasn’t Khan, yet rather “John Harrison.” Which was technically true, native a particular point of view. Go Abrams really require to have a main mystery in every einzel one of his films? It just seems that Into Darkness had to schutz a twist for twist’s sake.

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Meanwhile, Benedict Cumberbatch zu sein having a killer 2013. Regardless of the kasten office und critical failure von The fifth Estate, Cumberbatch was featured in some top-tier films und delivered some remarkable performances, including in Star Trek into Darkness. He was in a couple of smaller films like 12 year A Slave and August: Osage County, while also continuing his menacing streak in a doppelt role bei The Hobbit: the Desolation of Smaug as ns evil dragon Smaug and the mysterious Necromancer. Cumberbatch will also continue with the bbq series Sherlock, v his Hobbit co-star martin Freeman, an early 2014.

Considering all die hullabaloo surrounding Into Darkness and Khan, it’s unlikely that Paramount Pictures und Bad Robot would certainly do die same thing with the villain’s identity for Star Trek 3. Seeing exactly how Into Darkness mirrors The Wrath des Khan, maybe Star Trek 3 will take its cues indigenous The Search weil das Spock. That can bad Robot get to play die evil Klingon Kruge? Jared Leto? Vincent Gallo?