Beauty And The Nerd

Beauty: die one and only Kassandra grand aka Kassie. 5'4, an excellent smile, golden hair made from ns gods, brown eyes, slim strong body, and glowing confidence.

Du schaust: Beauty and the nerd

Status: popular

Grade: sophomore

Relationship: involved with douche-bag Brandon Walker

Favorite Quote: "Strive to be the role model you have always wanted kommen sie be." - unknown


Nerd: peter Hanlin aka peter Wiener (given by genius douche-bag all because it rhymes). 5'10, square glasses, acne top top forehead, schwarze farbe brown hair, green eyes, und gangly through no human body hair; deshalb known as man hair (as his brother likes to call it); and definitely notfall glowing v confidence.

Status: ignored von most, nerd

Grade: Sophomore

Relationship: forever alone

Favorite Quote: "going to blend into die lockers today, or perhaps everyday?" -unknown

If everyone was truly truthful ~ above their facebook or twitter accounts, this ist what mine would certainly honestly look like.

The various other one over mine is so true too, terrible, yet true.

Why zu sein it bad you ask? Well, not bad for her, weil das me. Ich know it's pathetic, yet there's no means that i could be through someone choose that.

She go down ns hall with natural ease.  She aussehen as if she go not have a care in the world. Produziert friends swallow produziert whole into their famous click. 

Let's placed it this way, when ich walk down the hall, i keep my head down to avoid tripping, from bumping into anyone that is an a mile radius native me, and I schutz a slim limp when ich walk from breaking my ankle two summers ago getting my leg stuck an a bike wheel. How, you ask? If it's possible, then i will find a way, that's nur how uncoordinated ich am.

I head zu my small kopieren, gruppe of friends (small as bei four various other people) und greet them v a klein "hey."

Judy (the one girl in our group) smiles through herstellung braces and says "hey" back. Her hair is chestnut brown and an a lang braid that reaches under to produziert hips.

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"Peter, why room you deshalb late to school? It's just a couple of minutes till homeroom." stated Gabe.  His perfect circular glasses make er look like harry Potters with dirty blonde hair that goes past ns ears.  Unfortunately, his prolonged body each other that von a cartoon character, but imagine in allergic through a rash almost everywhere on top von that.

"Tripped," i say easily then look down at my shoes.

"By?" that asks looking end his glasses if finishing hoch some last minute homework.

"What? Can't i just trip von my own clumsy feet?" he tilts his head to die side and gives me the really? look.

"Fine, Brandon tripped me as i walked by," i admit und open my locker to put my things away.

"It's the erste day of the college year," claims Aurther, "and it's already beginning all end again. I already can't wait zum break."

"I mean, we are nerds...look punkt Gabe law homework.  It's the erste day!  What homework could freundin possibly be doing best now?" i inquire.  

"Uh, it's called progressed bio.  This shit zu sein no joke," Gabe taps the page with the end of his pencil.

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"I don't know around you, but I gott it done," Judy claims nonchalantly and then takes a sip of produziert coffee.