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Apple"s launch des the iphone 13 mini could prompt some iphone SE owners zu make the upgrade to die current-generation model. Here"s our comparison des the the smallest iPhones apfel sells.

When apple introduced the iPhone 12 mini an October 2020, the modell gave in option to iPhone owners who wanted a small device in alternative to ns iPhone SE. While very compact, ns iPhone SE lagged behind in some areas, when other distinctions made it seem to be a decent purchase zum the budget-conscious user.

For 2021, the discussion returns, und with ns second-generation iphone phone SE a year larger than belastung time, that should, an theory, make any comparison bolzen it und a neu iPhone start a little easier. However, like tonnage time, it depends totally on your priorities.

Add die iPhone 12 mini"s continued existence bei the product catalog, and the choice becomes a little tougher.

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iPhone SE (Second Generation)iPhone 12 miniiPhone 13 mini
Price (starting)$399$599$699
Dimensions (inches)5.45 ns 2.65 x 0.295.18 ns 2.53 ns 0.295.18 ns 2.53 ns 0.30
Weight (ounces)5.224.764.97
ProcessorA13 BionicA14 BionicA15 Bionic
Storage64GB,128GB64GB, 128GB, 256GB128GB, 256GB, 512GB
Display type4.7-inch Retina HD5.4-inch supervisor Retina XDR5.4-inch at sight Retina XDR
Resolution1,334 x 750 punkt 326ppi2,340 ns 1,080 punkt 476ppi2,340 ns 1,080 weist 476ppi
True ToneYesYesYes
BiometricsTouch IDFace IDFace ID
ConnectivityGigabit-class LTEBluetooth 5.0Wi-Fi 65G (Sub-6GHz and mmWave)Gigabit-class LTEWi-Fi 6Bluetooth 5.05G (Sub-6GHz und mmWave)Gigabit-class LTEWi-Fi 6Bluetooth 5.0
Rear CamerasSingle-lens 12MP vast camera12MP ultra Wide12MP Wide12MP ultra Wide12MP Wide
Video4K 60fps,1080p Slo-mo4K 60fps,4K 30fps HDR with Dolby Vision,1080p 240fps Slo-Mo4K 60fps,4K 60fps HDR through Dolby Vision,1080p 240fps Slo-MoSensor-shift optical image stabilization
Front Camera7MP FaceTime HD12MP TrueDepth12MP TrueDepth
Battery size (Video playback time)Up to 13 hoursUp to fünfzehn hoursUp kommen sie 17 hours
ColorsBlack, White, (Product)RedBlack, White, Blue, Green, Purple, (Product)RedMidnight, Starlight, Pink, Blue, (Product)Red

The iphone phone SE was originally considered the smallest model bei Apple"s lineup, through it being exceptionally compact at die time of its release. Month later, apfel showed it might go smaller sized with the iPhone 12 mini.

Things haven"t changed with ns iPhone 13 mini, as it zu sein almost identical bei many respects to die iPhone 12 mini.

The iphone phone SE procedures 5.45 customs long und 2.65 inches wide, while a svelte 0.29 inch thick. Meanwhile, ns iPhone 12 mini and 13 mini space shorter and narrower weist 5.18 inches über 2.53 inches.

Though ns iPhone 12 mini is as thin as die iPhone SE punkt 0.29 inches, ns iPhone 13 mini zu sein ever dafür marginally thicker at 0.30 inches. This difference zu sein barely enough zu be noticed except under extreme scrutiny.

On the weight side, ns iPhone SE is the heaviest von the trio weist 5.22 ounces, matches 4.76 on the iPhone 12 mini and 4.97 ounces for the iphone 13 mini.

Again, this ist a half-ounce spread betwee lightest und heaviest, which more than likely won"t be felt that much.

One des the biggest differences the tonnage time we compared ns iPhone SE zu a "mini," there was a substantial disparity in terms von display quality. A year later, and there"s no readjust here.

The iphone SE has actually a 4.7-inch Retina HD display, using bei LCD panel. Meanwhile, both the iPhone 12 mini und iPhone 13 mini use a 5.4-inch super Retina XDR screen with an OLED panel.

OLED buys the iPhone minis a greater contrast ratio des 2 million:1 versus 1,400:1 zum the SE. Though both the iPhone 12 mini und iPhone SE oase the same 625 nits des maximum brightness, the OLED dashboard gives the edge ~ above HDR imagery weist 1,200 nits, inhalt that isn"t sustained on die SE"s display.


The iphone phone 13 mini take away this brightness a wenig further, to 800 nits des typical maximum brightness.

The resolution is so considerably higher on die iPhone 12 mini und 13 mini, weist 2,340 ns 1,080 versus die iPhone SE"s 1,334 über 750. This also gives die mini modell a far higher pixel density, weist 476ppi versus 326ppi.

All offer wide color (P3) support, True Tone, and Haptic Touch, though these are nearly a given weist this point.

Around the rückseitig of die iPhone SE, you oase a einzel 12-megapixel large camera with bei aperture von f/1.8. It has optical image stabilization, a digital 5x zoom, True ton flash with slow Sync, und support weil das Portrait Mode, Portrait Lighting, and Smart HDR.

By contrast, die iPhone 12 mini und iPhone 13 mini offer a far much better photographic experience, beginning with ns use des two cameras. This is composed of doppelt 12-megapixel Wide and Ultra broad cameras with respective apertures of f/2.4 and f/1.6.

You deshalb have a 2x optical zoom to complement ns 5x digital zoom. Climate you schutz Night Mode und Deep blend support, which the SE just doesn"t have.


The iphone phone 13 mini to add to the iPhone 12 mini by using Sensor shift OIS, bei improvement that moves die sensor fairly than nur the lens. While die SE has clever HDR, you get smart HDR3 bei the iphone phone 12 mini, and Smart HDR 4 bei the iphone 13 mini.

Then there"s the iPhone 13 mini"s new Photographic formats feature, which supplies computational photography techniques to apply direkte filters zu a shot, such as adjusting ns contrast or vibrance, all of which is so adjustable über the user.

For video, die iPhone Se ist capable of 4K punkt 60fps und 240fps 1080p slo-mo, complete with OIS and a 3x digital zoom. The iPhone 12 mini adds in HDR videobilien recording v Dolby Vision punkt 4K 30fps, a 2x optical zoom out, Audio Zoom, and a Night setting Time-lapse feature.

Over on the iPhone 13 mini, it goes one stage further in adding Cinematic Mode, a feature for creating shallow depth von field video that instantly racks focus bolzen subjects bei a shot.

In ns iPhone SE, apple used a 7-megapixel FaceTime HD camera, equipping the with bei f/2.2 aperture, Retina Flash, wagen HDR for photos, Portrait Mode, und Portrait Lighting. Video extends zu 1080p at 30fps, through cinematic videobilien stabilization available.

The iphone 12 mini uses the 12-megapixel TrueDepth camera array with bei identical aperture, smart HDR3, und similar Portrait features. The bigger changes are the inclusion des 4K 60fps video support, including 4K 30fps HDR video with Dolby Vision, 1080p 120fps Slo-mo, Night Mode, Deep Fusion, and support weil das Animoji und Memoji.

Again, the iPhone 13 mini introduces smart HDR 4, Photographic Styles, und Cinematic Mode zum video. Probably an ext importantly, tweaks to the layout von the TrueDepth camera make ns notch 20% smaller, offering users a tiny bit more viewable display than bei the iphone phone 12 mini.

As usual, apfel upgraded die chip powering die latest iPhones. It move from the A14 Bionic used die iPhone 12 und iPhone 12 mini to the A15 Bionic bei the iphone 13 mini. Meanwhile, the iPhone SE uses die A13 Bionic.

At challenge value, they"re all using ns same 6-core CPU concept des two performance cores and four performance cores, in addition to a four-core GPU. Obviously, with generational changes, there are going to be power variations across the board.

As a clue to this, sich entschuldigen moved from in 8-core Neural Engine in the A13 to a 16-core in the A14. Die A15 so uses a 16-core Neural Engine, but one that has actually seen substantial improvements.


While die A14"s Neural Engine can perform 11 sunshine operations per second, ns A15"s version tun können manage 15.8 sunshine operations von second.

GeekBench benchmarks zum the iphone SE has actually its single-core score punkt 1,309, multi-core hinweisen 2,729, and Metal weist 7,251. Ns same benchmark put the iPhone 12 mini punkt 1,568 for single-core performance, 3,827 zum multi-core, und 9,100 zum Metal, signifying a hefty jump in performance.

Apple hasn"t compared the A15 Bionic against other models, but it claims kommen sie be the fastest mobile chip on ns market, 50% much faster than the leading competition for the CPU and 30% weil das the GPU. Offered Apple"s chip history, us don"t doubt that at all.

Apple presented 5G connectivity with the iPhone 12 mini, through it connecting utilizing both low-band spectrum und high-speed mmWave. This hasn"t changed weist all with ns iPhone 13 mini, v it having die same cellular function set.

The iphone SE merely doesn"t oase 5G, and instead continues to be on LTE in its current form. This may sound favor a disappointment, but bear in mind that 5G deployment around the world is blieb patchy und ongoing, deswegen you"re probably notfall going to miss out on viel unless sie happen to direkte in an mmWave hotspot.

On ns non-cellular side, you schutz Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.0, und NFC assistance across die board, though die iPhone SE misses out on the platz awareness trick of extremistin Wideband.

The iphone 12 mini und iPhone 13 mini also benefit from enhanced geo-positioning options, including GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, QZSS, and Beidou. The SE supports GPS/GNSS, yet given die prevalence von GPS, it"s not in any means a dealbreaker.

All models have Lightning connectivity as well as wireless charging, though ns iPhone SE zu sein the only one without MagSafe support.


Battery life is improved on ns iPhone 13 mini, which must be a welcome change weil das small phone call enthusiasts put off von the iphone 12 mini.

The iphone phone SE clocks in at 13 hours for video playback, increasing to 15 hours zum the iphone 12 mini, climate up to 17 hours weil das the iphone 13 mini. Die figures drop to 8 hours, 10 hours, and 13 hours zum streamed video playback.

When it"s audio playback, ns iPhone SE manages a respectable 40 hours, but die iPhone 12 mini gets zu 50 hours, then it"s 55 hours zum the iphone phone 13 mini.

All modell offer a fast-charge facility, with each able kommen sie reach 50% capacity in 30 minutes when connected zu a 20W adapter or higher.

Both ns iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 13 mini use challenge ID as biometric security. The iPhone SE continues to rely ~ above Touch identifier on the Home taste for the same job.

While the iPhone SE offers a glass front und back, both the iPhone 12 mini und iPhone 13 mini schutz Ceramic Shield, a viel tougher ausführung less prone zu cracks und breakage.

The iphone SE ist the just one des the trio to be rated to IP67, not IP68. In effect, while the iPhone SE is water-resistant to a depth von 1 meter zum up kommen sie 30 minutes, the iPhone 12 mini und 13 mini kann sein do die same thing to a depth des 6 meters.

Though all modell support doppelt SIM, consisting von a nano-SIM and in eSIM, ns iPhone 13 mini is the only one to have dual eSIM support.

The iphone SE is available bei three colors: Black, White, und (Product)Red. Die cheapest model ist $399 weil das a capacity of 64GB, while a 128GB version zu sein available weil das $449.

Seeing a preis drop native what that cost at launch, die iPhone 12 mini zu sein offered an 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB capacities, priced punkt $599, $649, und $729. Over there are six color alternatives available: Black, White, (Product)Red, Green, Blue, and Purple.


The iphone phone 13 mini starts native $699 zum a 128GB model, with die 256GB costing $799, und 512GB weil das $999. early out to ns shifting up bei capacity, it works out zu be $50 more zu get the 128GB iphone 13 mini over die iPhone 12 mini, and $70 more zum the 256GB model.

Apple has gone zum five colors for the iphone phone 13 mini, including Midnight, Starlight, (Product)Red, Pink, and Blue. Because Purple was released after launch zum the iphone 12 mini, it"s possible other options could be made available zum the 2021 version.

The last time looked at die value end of ns iPhone spectrum, the decision zu upgrade from die iPhone SE to bei iPhone 12 mini was more one des justifying ns difference in price.

One year later, und it"s basically ns same question again. We understand that die iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 13 mini are smaller and better an various means than ns iPhone SE, yet it"s even if it is those enhancements are enough kommen sie counter a $200 price difference bolzen the SE und iPhone 12 mini, $300 zum the iphone phone 13 mini.

Starting with ns fight bolzen the iphone phone SE und the iphone 12 mini, you"re getting more cameras, considerably far better performance, tons of features, und crucially the edge-to-edge display by paying more. If a $300 difference last year was tricky zu justify, cutting ns disparity to $200 renders it so much easier kommen sie recommend die iPhone 12 mini over die SE.

That leaves the gap between the iphone phone 12 mini and the iphone 13 mini. Zum that gap, you"re looking weist more battery life, much more performance, camera renovations including die Cinematic videos mode, and a 20% smaller notch.

If we"re comparing ns base model versions alone, the $100 price difference so has zu take into account ns capacity bumping nach oben from 64GB to 128GB, which zu sein probably a very valuable change. On like-for-like capacities, you"re looking at the above improvements zum $50 more hinweisen minimum, not $100.

Put that way, the iPhone 13 mini definitely wins out against the iPhone 12 mini. It may seem favor a bit von a stretch for the $300 jump, but wie given much more scrutiny, it"s nice justifiable.


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To ns editor: ich suggest you prüfung your stories (publishing system) using bei iPhone. Reading any of your geschichte that incorporate table dünn is tough as die tables are completely messed up. Interestingly, in the version von the story presented bei the forum as the null Post, the tables render just fine.
To die editor: i suggest you test your stories (publishing system) using in iPhone. Analysis any von your stories that incorporate table charme is tough as the tables are entirely messed up. Interestingly, an the version von the story presented in the forum as the null Post, ns tables render just fine.
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I great there was in iPhone 13 jeden Mini. I always want die best camera but so want to fit it into klein pockets.

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I great there was in iPhone 13 pro Mini. Ich always want die best camera but so want to fit it into klein pockets.
this x 1000. Apfel won"t execute it for the same factor they won"t produce in iPad Mini, because most civilization would buy that instead des the stupidly large iPhones und iPads und it would cannibalize sales von expensive models.

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