ns Aiways U5.Picture Aiways numerous Europeans chuckle around Chinese cars: remember the Landwind that come to ns Netherlands a decade and a für hilfe ago? Life-threatening thing, die ANWB thought at ns time.

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Crash prüfung showed the there was little to it is in said about this.

ns crash tests von that time left notfall only die Landwind an wrinkles, but also the bild of die Chinese car industry. A boom that ausblüten resonates fifteen years later: many human being from die area approximately Blik comment compassionately to die announcement that we had a Chinese car zu borrow.

No wonder ns importer insists on die safety des this car. Six airbags, high-quality steel, a battery housing that survives even a ‘significant impact’. For sure safe safe. Still, die U5 received only three stars from EuroNCAP an a zuerst crash test, where most brands get 5 on your slippers.

one more worthless thing? not too bad. Citizens are certainly well protected in a frontal collision. There the U5 almost gets the maximum score. Only an encounter with a pole did not end well and the digital aids were insufficiently arisen at the time of the test. Notfall a glorious score, but the U5 is by no way dangerous.

What is the U5? A spacious, reasonably affordable, by no means unsightly electric SUV with a huge battery and a satisfied amount von power. Just think of that with ns Germans, who ask punkt least a few grand more zum something comparable.

Space is the unique selling point of the U5, particularly rear passengers can enter it through a right leg.Picture Aiways deshalb the U5 ist fine top top paper. But ns everyday world is not ns one in the folder. Because the U5 cd driver fine, but the details go wrong. Take something as simple as ns remaining range. Weil das e-drivers, it ist extremely necessary that this number zu sein more or much less correct, since it determines whether kommen sie stop on the way kommen sie recharge or whether die home pole can be directly reached. Die rangefinder des the U5 does not adjust kommen sie driving style. It renders a calculation von the remaining selection based on ns theoretical total, but if ns vehicle is driven faster, the iron count möchte stick zu its zuerst value.

It ist that Blik had paid a bit more attention with mental arithmetic and we experienced that we would notfall make it zu the fast charger and we stopped earlier, otherwise we would be stranded. ‘Actual or mean use zu sein indeed notfall included bei the calculation of the remaining kilometers,’ says die importer. Whereupon Blik blinked zum a moment.

so annoying: in sub-zero temperatures and on die highway (at 100 kilometers per hour) we barely gott further than 200 kilometers. It zu sein well recognized that e-cars do notfall travel together far when it zu sein cold. Yet what remains of the promised 410 kilometers is appalling. A software application update has meanwhile led to improvement, die importer promises.

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die driver’s assistant, i m sorry keeps ns car within ns lines and automatically adjusts die speed, is so irritating. Firstly, there is a cacophony von beeps: every time the system switches itself on und off, a (soft) bell rings. This frequently happens. Maddeningly often.

Unsafe: when die assistance system ist activated, ns car casually crawls over the double lines in the middle of the road. There is so a software application update, reports the importer. It ist fortunate that ns car kann sein provide chin with neu software many thanks to in online connection.

Another: ns car occasionally brakes sharply before cornering. Weil das example, the speed on ns highway went kommen sie 70 bei a curve where die recommended speed was 90, to die annoyance von the vehicle drivers behind. You guessed it, in update ist coming.

other drawbacks: no three-phase charger, which method that filling die large battery weist a public charging station takes in eternity. Coming danach this year. A good thing is the in der nähe des charger, which in practice achieves 75 kilowatts.

A camera (the protrusion on the left) monitors even if it is the driver has eye on the road, is not yawning or smoking. If sie do, a strictly warning wollen sound. This electrical mother kann sein turn off.Picture Aiways. Where die U5 yes, really shows the competition die rear lights ist at the maintenance frequency: a service once every hundred thousand kilometers. Bye, fossil brothers.

ns U5 suffers indigenous a defect that computer users oase known for decades: the hardware ist fine, but ns software rattles und is gradually being improved. E-cars from other brands are also affected by this, lakers the troubles VW challenged with its new models. Apparently, individuals will oase to gain used zu their auto slowly obtaining better. Or in the case des the U5: much less mediocre.

If you want a lot weil das little and don’t value gadgetry, look back at this U5. Watch tip: take a look hinweisen the neu Skoda Enyaq.

in electric mommy A novelty von the dubious kind: top top board the U5 zu sein a camera the constantly monitors the driver. When he yawns, looks outside, or lamp a cigarette, suddenly ns voice des God (or the splitter linterparty leader) sounds, warning you kommen sie keep your eyes on the road, rest, or say the smoking ist bad. Hello, Blik currently has a mother. Fortunately, ns system kann be nah dran down.

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Us would tape the camera just bei case.