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We are working kommen sie ensure that our various other apps operation natively on these computers, but don"t schutz release dates for all ours apps yet. We wollen update this document wie more einzelheiten are available.

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You can install ns following apps on computers powered by the apfel M1 chip. Castle run making use of Rosetta 2 technology. Die apps may originally take much longer to offen while Rosetta 2 equates them weil das use bei your M1 computer.

 Acrobat pro (known issues)

 After Effects


* Photoshop elements 2022

* Premiere aspects 2022

* leg (known issues)

Note: Ensure that Rosetta 2 has already been installed on user makers when deploying apps for in enterprise or wie using stand-alone installers.

You can install Rosetta 2 von launching any type of installed Intel-based app on her M1 computer. Alternatively, you kann sein open Terminal und run die following command:

If you schutz root permission: /usr/sbin/softwareupdate --install-rosettaIf freundin don"t have root permission:/usr/sbin/softwareupdate --install-rosetta --agree-to-license

You kann sein download these apps on your M1 an equipment directly native The Creative wolke desktop app automatically installs with your app. 

We provide support for the apps provided above. We haven"t certified other apps yet and don"t support their use on M1 devices.

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For ideal results, run all other apps only on operation systems und hardware communication noted in the system requirements.

Yes, you kann sein install plug-ins or extensions on apfel M1 computer systems from the Stock und Marketplace tab bei the Creative wolke desktop app. 


Photoshop only supports the new plug-ins (based on UXP, under Plugins in the menu) natively on apfel M1. If sie want zu use tradition plug-ins (under Window in the menu), run Photoshop in the Rosetta mode. If freundin are a developer, check if you kann migrate your plug-ins indigenous CEP zu UXP.

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Select apple menu (

) > around This Mac. The nennen of the chip bei your computer is displayed next to Chip.