1 Fc Köln Gegen Bayern

It wasn’t the prettiest victory Bayern’s had bei recent times, however it was a win versus a steely und determined Kölnside.

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Photo von Alexander Hassenstein/Getty bild
julianisch Nagelsmann secured his win with bayern Munich in the Bundesliga against FC Köln. The visitors to be determined zu give a challenging time und snatch an ext than just one point but the Bavarians confirmed grit und diligence to win the game und seal all three points. Without further ado, lets dive into die match awards:

Jersey Swap: steffen Baumgart

Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Getty bild The köln coach brought ns game to the Bavarians. He had a bold setup coming zu the koalitionsteile Arena and his mannschaft did a great arbeit executing it. Die Billy Goats had a brilliant block collection up bei front of their kasten that witnessed their players converge to und stop advancing bayerisch attackers. Blocking ns “cut-in” channels von the bayerisch wingers, the opposition did well to dry nach oben Bayern’s it is provided into the box. Die solid köln defence coupled through Bayern’s own passing (that was having an off day), ns visitors had in impressive 18 interceptions compared to Bayern’s 7.

Even after ~ going down by two goals, Baumgart’s men were totally convinced von their plans und saw their boldness und bravery rewarded through two rapid goals kommen sie level dinge at 2-2. Their attack was quick und incisive the caught ns Bayern back four off guard. A der dritte tag goal was on ns cards und Köln were unfortunate to not return v a point.

Der Kaiser: Alphonso Davies

The Canadian son is back after in underwhelming 2020/2021 season. He was die best player on the pitch bei the zuerst half and followed it hoch with a solid performance in the 2nd half. Going trost against another speedster an Kingsley Ehizibue, Davies did superbly to own his flank. Phonzie’s been functioning on his top body strength and that was evident on ns pitch today. When they oase always to be matched for pace, heute Davies outmuscled Ehizibue and came out on top bei several des their duels. In all, he won 8 of the 13 duels he was involved bei and make 4 recoveries.

The Bavarian roadrunner was no slouch walk forward, especially in the first half when bayerisch needed some extra oomph from die rest of the squad kommen sie help your attackers. Davies did nur that having actually 5 successful dribbles of the 6 attempted.

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Fußballgott: thomas Müller

Photo von Alexander Hassenstein/Getty images Today’s win was in industrious one und the players, notfall being top top top of their form, had to work very hard today. And Thomas Muller was die engine that drove die Bavarian machine. Muller put his head down and worked his socks off kommen sie help the rest of the squad.

The residence side shed possession several times and Muller had zu put in extra effort kommen sie apply pressure and win back the ball. His 4 tackles won were ns team’s highest and his 6 tackles attempted nur the work rate Tommy was putting in to ensure bayerisch held possession und didn’t shed control of the game.

Köln’s structured block meant thomas was roaming around more than usual zu find space and create chances. He delivered a perfect cross to assist Gnabry’s first and Bayern’s 2nd goal. This ist probably one of the few zeit I’ve seen muller not smiling bei between plays. It was work, work, und more work. A selfless performance from Mr. Bayern.

Der Bomber: Serge Gnabry

Photo von Alexander Hassenstein/Getty bild the Weissach special had actually a common performance scoring a brace through two lethal finishes. Ns period instantly after 50 minutes might as well be named “Gnabry time”. He’s come alive several times post the 50 minute mark und it was one of those nights today. Serge’s zuerst goal wasn’t a an easy tap in after Müller’s cross was deflected von a köln defender. The ball arrived punkt mid belt level and he time his jump kommen sie perfection to make nur the right connection with ns ball and send that past timo Horn. Die second goal was a straight up bandenchef that gave bayerisch the an essential lead to siegel all 3 points. If he tun können repeat such performances consistently, Serge zu sein easily ns best winger bei the squad.

Meister of the Match: Jamal Musiala

Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Getty bild Young Jamal Musiala’s half-time below turned out zu be the X variable that bayern needed after a fruitless first half. With die wingers routes right into the box blocked off, it wasn’t until Jamal Musiala took the other route and played along the touchline walk the zuerst goal kommen sie for Bayern. Jamal was exquisite in possession und slipped through the opposition several times. On another day, ns rest des the squad would have converted Jamal’s runs right into a few more goals, yet it wasn’t kommen sie be today.

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Musiala was nearly impossible to dispossess, was a nuisance to the opposition drawing 2-3 males several times und freeing hoch space in the process. Make 8 successful dribbles, Jamal lugged the null through a gewächs of traffic to create space und dangerous chances. It was amusing kommen sie watch the Koln football player tackle Jamal und the 18-year-old just tanzen around them. His presence was more than just a freestyling contest as Bayern’s attack had a gewächs more teeth after he came on and his assist to Lewandowski gave ns home side the breakthrough they needed.